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hCG phases explained

Phase ONE

Phase ONE is a detox phase.
Most people beginning this diet don't do this phase and it is not included in the original manuscript, "Pounds and Inches", written by Dr Simeon.

Phase TWO

Weightloss phase

Phase TWO is the very low calorie(VLCD) phase.
​This phase is 21 to 41 days long. Day one and two are considered "load/gorge" days. You can expect to gain 3 to 7 lbs during your load days. You begin taking 6 to 10 hCG drops 3 to 4 times on day one through day 41. Day 3 to 41 you eat VLCD.
You are limited to 500 to 800 calories per day consuming only ths foods approved on the hCG protocol. Day 41 is the last day you take drops. Day 42-43, continue the VLCD, Day 44 begin phase three.



Phase THREE is beginning maintenence
This phase is 21 days and is the most important part of your long-term success in keeping the weight off that you just lost.
You will continue eating the same foods you've been eating on phase two except you discontinue the bread sticks,,I never eat the breadsticks anyway. Double the protein you are eating and add good fats such as coconut and olive oil.
Avoid completely any sugar or starchy foods, Pretty much a low carb diet.
The object is to add one new food per day while monitoring your weight and maintaining no more than 2 lbs higher or 2 lbs lower than your last weight during phase two. Once your weight is stabilized you continue to Phase Four, long term maintenence.
If you are not to your goal you repeat phase 2 and phase 3 until you reach your goal.


Phase FOUR

Life-long maintenence

Phase FOUR is Life-Long Maintanence
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.
This is where you identify the foods that are triggers for weight gains. 
You have the power to change and maintain your weight loss.
I have chosen to eat Paleo grain-free lifestyle. 
Let me walk with you through the hCG protocol.
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